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Got direct from the artist on Discord, posted here with his permission. His galleries are at:
Redraw/reinterpretation of this scene:
suggestive167572 artist:squishysheepie1 derpibooru exclusive32896 pinkie pie234594 rainbow dash254951 sci-twi28168 sunset shimmer70808 twilight sparkle327003 earth pony339081 human189344 pegasus383083 pony1267917 unicorn420821 series:super size it art contest 202222 equestria girls228329 equestria girls series37952 spring breakdown3008 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)16061 belly34115 big belly15189 blushing231148 candle5704 colored hooves8387 curved horn8482 cutie map784 equestria girls ponified4688 eyes closed115274 fat25254 female1555600 females only14687 floppy ears62359 friendship throne723 glasses74647 horn108822 huge belly5937 human pony dash202 impossibly large belly12655 jewelry86087 licking23443 licking lips4928 mare588758 morbidly obese9101 obese13297 plate2206 ponified45400 ponytail21831 rainblob dash979 scene interpretation9697 sci-twilard130 sitting75507 smiling315737 squishy3085 stuffed belly334 tongue out123921 twilard sparkle1540 twilight's castle4657 unicorn sci-twi878 unshorn fetlocks34025 weight gain5014


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Background Pony #626E
i like how scitwi is bloated too. i guess getting a pony body isn’t enough for a human digestive system to handle pinkie’s baking