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Sunburst and Starlight at beach
I had this drawing planned for last Valentine’s Day, but I had forgotten to draw it XD
from my sketchbook
Equestria Girls ©Hasbro
safe1945121 artist:n0kkun430 starlight glimmer54686 sunburst7904 pony1294705 unicorn433338 absurd resolution70690 beach18906 blushing234544 boat1658 bush3517 cloud37216 coconut358 cute231788 day2392 female1578442 floating heart4504 flower31994 food85812 heart59701 hoof on shoulder182 hug33025 lighthouse370 looking at each other26889 looking at someone6471 male450159 mare603531 one eye closed39090 outdoors15596 palm tree2233 pier638 raised hoof58586 rock5365 sailboat106 sand3007 ship1350 shipping227052 sitting77011 sky18664 smiling323270 smiling at each other986 stallion145420 starburst1444 straight157074 sun7991 tree40123 vector83399 wink29163


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