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safe1975257 artist:kittyrosie1228 twilight sparkle333390 alicorn275157 pony1327602 unicorn448176 ^^2097 blushing239358 burger2317 cute236910 diabetes679 eyes closed121097 female1606775 floppy ears64684 food87969 hay burger730 heart61549 herbivore2108 kittyrosie is trying to murder us72 mare620124 messy mane9191 multeity2747 open mouth198449 open smile16706 pigtails5682 sad28530 shrunken pupils5257 smiling332351 sparkle sparkle sparkle285 starry eyes4373 teary eyes5675 that pony sure does love burgers251 twiabetes13882 twilight burgkle601 twilight snapple2193 twilight sparkle (alicorn)138774 twintails2008 unicorn twilight26408 upside down6608 wingding eyes30426


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