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Page 1702 - Get You Everywhere
11th Jun 2022, 6:00 AM in What About Discord?
Uh-oh. Tirek has some Good Faces to screencap. He’s low-key very fun to write. For someone who’s clearly best as a steamrolling bruiser, he’s obviously put points into Charisma, giving him an interesting dichotomy. Oh no. Oh no.
(Tirek triple-takes)
Tirek: Discord? How are you free? I was certain that when all that chaos disappeared, it was because the ponies had turned you back to stone.
Discord: Nonsense! I’m free as a bird. A bird being actively hunted, perhaps, but still. The rumors of my demise were greatly exaggerated.
Tirek: Then allow me, Discord, to be the first to commend you on your daring escape. This world is truly lesser without your unique “gifts.”
Discord: And here comes the flattery.
Tirek: What, you don’t like flattery these days?
Discord: Of course I do, but you’re laying it on too thick.
safe1945975 artist:newbiespud1614 edit154445 edited screencap78635 screencap257326 discord34511 lord tirek5802 centaur4094 draconequus16494 taur1618 comic:friendship is dragons1801 twilight's kingdom3399 cloak5501 clothes549582 comic122440 dialogue78620 male450574 nose piercing3437 nose ring2618 piercing52304 screencap comic5260


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