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So yeah, after the pic of pinkie pie and her torn jaw, why not have one with rainbow dash with a slightly more realistic representation (I think) of her trying to go fast….. yeah I like how it came out…. meh….
grimdark29614 grotesque11438 artist:super-zombie69 rainbow dash228492 pegasus273507 pony923217 blood23724 death5206 disintegration220 female1322044 friction4 gore4290 guro567 imminent death2390 mare458536 ouch1009 physics197 reality ensues393 solo1033573 sonic rainboom1066


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This is why Dash, in my headcanon, doesn't reach the speed of sound. The barrier she breaks is that of magic in the air, at about half the speed of sound.

She does release a lot of Cherenkov radiation, though.

I TOLD you not to go faster than you normally do. I mean, seriously, THIS is why you don't attempt more than one Sonic Rainboom without the Talent enhancer…