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Commission for Platinum Shadow! Thank you for commissioning me!
safe1971836 artist:moonatik1196 nightmare moon18924 oc836733 oc:platinum shadow12 oc:selenite255 alicorn274482 bat pony64157 pegasus406762 pony1323702 new lunar millennium107 alternate timeline3426 ankle chain173 ankle cuffs814 armor27650 artificial wings2395 augmented3490 bat pony oc24957 bound wings4291 butt179084 castle of the royal pony sisters878 chains6112 clothes559324 commission96703 cuffs5736 female1603526 hair bun4340 helmet13567 male459905 mare618447 mechanical wing728 military uniform1834 nightmare takeover timeline718 pegasus oc25702 peytral5102 plot115215 shackles2199 stallion150158 storm king's emblem174 tail66344 tail bun597 throne3734 uniform13616 wings175132


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Background Pony #25BF
@Background Pony #6E70
Well they’ve captured what I presume to be a hostile foreign soldier, which is already reason enough, but that soldier also turns out to be a pony defector so I imagine they’re really pissed off right now and probably trying to figure out how many more traitors there might be.
Background Pony #A206
“Platinum Shadow”, eh? Thank the stars you’ve got a name that involves darkness… at least you’ve got that going for you.