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Based on >>1997904
suggestive167184 artist:lupin quill1106 pinkie pie234409 twilight sparkle326683 alicorn264025 pony1264786 series:super size it art contest 202222 the mean 61771 belly34010 belly grab262 bellyrubs1243 big belly15110 bingo wings3116 blushing230720 dialogue76925 double chin2252 eyes closed114997 fat25188 fat fetish2256 female1552711 fetish47216 implied pinkie pie876 lesbian106423 lying down29600 morbidly obese9072 neck roll1404 obese13258 offscreen character41876 open mouth187166 rolls of fat2225 scene interpretation9665 shipping224557 solo focus20834 twilard sparkle1537 twilight sparkle (alicorn)135666 twinkie1961 wings162696


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