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A happy day for our favourite musical couple.

I Re-uploaded This Image Again In HD (High Definition) & I Can’t Add Or Remove Tags In The Same Picture >>2870918 (merged) Since The “Add/Remove Tags” Is Locked. I Hate That Thing…
If You’re Background Pony & Keep Add/Remove Tags “Without” My Permission, I’ll Tell The Admin.
safe1971893 edit156890 edited screencap80390 editor:quoterific6308 screencap263684 aloe2919 alula732 amethyst star2833 apple bloom56385 applejack187818 berry blend549 berry bliss549 berry punch7117 berryshine7117 big macintosh31309 blues1105 bon bon17823 bulk biceps3678 carrot cake2342 carrot top5900 cheerilee10725 cherry berry2379 cloud kicker2266 cloudchaser4111 cranky doodle donkey1161 cultivar77 cup cake4628 daisy2799 dark moon272 derpy hooves54014 diamond tiara11184 dj pon-331567 doctor whooves11439 evening stroll20 filthy rich1255 flitter3245 flower wishes2802 fluttershy238210 gallop j. fry283 golden harvest5900 goldengrape734 grand pear298 granny smith5811 graphite272 high note43 junebug405 lemon hearts2424 lily2181 lily valley2181 linky1805 lotus blossom3064 lyra heartstrings32158 matilda566 mayor mare3637 millie194 minuette6467 mochaccino261 noteworthy1106 octavia melody26005 paraviolet20 peach fuzz286 pinkie pie238623 pipsqueak3024 pluto732 pokey pierce1470 ponet468 pound cake2814 pumpkin cake2559 rainbow dash259367 rainbow stars274 rainbowshine1112 rare find261 rarity203156 rising yeast14 roseluck5672 royal riff417 sassaflash1095 scootaloo55495 sea swirl1811 seafoam1811 shoeshine1918 silver spoon7111 sir colton vines iii735 snails5636 snips4471 sparkler2725 spike87297 spring melody1346 sprinkle medley1346 starlight glimmer55328 stormfeather51 strawberry scoop275 sunshower raindrops2563 sweetie belle53457 sweetie drops17823 thunderlane4576 time turner11433 train tracks (g4)237 twilight sparkle332970 twinkleshine2536 twist3035 vinyl scratch31567 violet twirl184 alicorn274503 donkey2395 dragon72205 earth pony361596 pegasus406807 pony1323796 unicorn446554 a hearth's warming tail1618 a horse shoe-in1453 best gift ever2582 bloom and gloom1090 it isn't the mane thing about you1267 season 52946 season 62038 season 71790 season 92432 slice of life (episode)1937 the beginning of the end2340 the cutie re-mark3381 spoiler:s091709 2022633 ^^2086 adorabloom3511 adorabon811 apple bloom's bow2655 applejack's hat11906 baby13257 baby pony8202 bipedal43745 blueberry banana3 bow38185 bow (instrument)991 cake twins546 cello2969 cello bow416 cheeribetes465 christmas18236 christmas tree5474 colt17897 cowboy hat21933 cute236287 cutealoo3448 cutie mark crusaders20908 dashabetes10962 diapinkes11556 diasweetes3384 disc jockey201 dj pon-3 and octavia day1 everypony at s5's finale39 eyes closed120781 female1603609 filly84813 flower trio623 flying47404 foal29622 friends are always there for you89 friendship student1998 glimmerbetes4466 green eyes6866 grin52999 hair bow21511 hat108960 holiday28886 jackabetes7197 looking at you217147 lyrabetes1614 macabetes586 magic86496 male459921 mane seven7350 mane six35328 mare618515 music judges meme30 musical instrument13670 octavia is not amused407 open mouth197883 open smile16562 photo89342 plushie27850 ponyville town hall408 raribetes6388 royal guard9545 s5 starlight2339 shyabetes16983 siblings15334 singing7456 smiling331328 smiling at you14149 snow17283 spikabetes2448 spoiler776 spread wings75456 stallion150163 telekinesis34250 text76057 tree41446 twiabetes13858 twilight sparkle (alicorn)138583 twilight's castle4823 twins2781 unamused20629 victrola scratch33 wall of tags5416 wings175146 wubcart62


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