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safe1945416 artist:chub-wub656 derpy hooves53650 dinky hooves4552 queen chrysalis38719 changeling57602 changeling queen20813 nymph744 pegasus394786 pony1295170 unicorn433546 alcohol8672 blue background7451 cute231828 derpabetes3267 duo106986 eyes closed117993 fangs32435 female1578776 filly82932 foal27638 food85839 glass5749 levitation14061 lying down31287 magic85129 mare603676 mommy chrissy289 mother and child3878 mother and daughter6933 muffin6967 open mouth193018 prone30408 simple background490211 sweat32864 sweatdrop4389 telekinesis33489 wine3045 wine glass1886


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Wallet After Summer Sale -

A waste of biomatter
“Being a single mother is so hard”
“Indeed with the size of my brood Sometimes I think I should’ve just let my consort live as a caretaker instead of devouring him after copulation for sustenance.”
“…uh yeah…”