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A Trixie’s Big Snooze sequel idea.
After she was haunted by Pinkie Pie, in her dreams, Trixie is willing to do whatever it takes to get even. For a price…
Trixie was living the dream, when she attempts an “escape trick.” It worked! But she kinda blew her cover.
artist needed25804 suggestive165344 anonymous artist3236 artist:videogamefan628 part of a set16935 trixie72944 human186779 equestria girls226328 bare legs60 bare midriff61 barefoot31419 big snooze34 bikini babe841 bow35121 breasts324590 eyes closed113357 feet46678 female1538180 flower bikini32 functionally nude54 hair bow19531 oblivious566 smiling309843 solo1212181 solo female199693 spotlight1485 unaware520


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Sorry I’m almost 2 weeks late commentin’ on this. Anyways, these were a super pleasant surprise. One new Trixie pic would make me very happy, but 3 made me so very happy. All of them are amazing. I love this scene you set up. I take it by the description that Trixie was performing an escape trick but when she did she accidentally left her clothes behind? It sounds like the perfect nightmare to start off Pinkie Pie’s Big Snooze. I can see it now, she escapes from being chained up underwater then practically bounces back onto the stage. Now onto the individual praises for this pic. I love her obliviousness to her near-nakedness. I love it when ladies don’t realize that they’ve lost their clothes or are down to their undies. Her expression and pose just add to her naive cheerfulness. This is brilliant, thank you so much.
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