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suggestive191848 artist:boastudio398 ocellus6845 pharynx1335 spike92821 starlight glimmer60448 thorax5514 twilight sparkle360069 alicorn317778 changedling11591 changeling66535 anthro363433 g42046144 black and white17715 blushing277482 clothes641629 cute268069 femboy13892 gay37625 gloves30443 grayscale49622 king thorax3864 long gloves9527 male556566 monochrome175937 open mouth241038 prince pharynx1015 ship:thoraxspike231 shipping256410 shoes60337 simple background605080 speech3728 spikabetes2835 spikelove1364 stockings49122 talking11002 thigh highs60673 thorabetes406 trap4919 twilight sparkle (alicorn)150311 white background165127


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@Background Pony #9B6B
I honestly don’t know. I like to say that Spike and Thorax are really, really good friends–especially from “The Winds are a-Changeling”, but there is something there. Thing is, everything Spike shows in this ’verse seems to show Spike is attracted to the fairer gender. Thorax definitely make a wrench in things. Mind you, its just my opinion.
Background Pony #9B6B
[@DanvilleBengal](/images/2899404#comment_10197770Does this mean Spike is gay?

Nobody is noticing this, but Thoras is crossdressing here–he’s wearing at least a skirt and panties while sitting on Spike’s lap…I know he’s andydromous and a changeling, but im still wondering if he is considered trans…
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Pharynx: thorax! Stop acting like a child your suppose to act like as a representative for our kind.
Thorax: but I learn that this is a way to show affection to your friends from those books ocellus reads.
Ocellus: yes…yes more content for my work.~
Twilight: we really need to have changlings stop reading the Manga section in the library.
Starlight: agreed.