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A modified i fear no man (team fortress 2) meme. I have no idea actually what i should make, but why not.
Thanks for Yakovlev-vad , Kittyrosie , Honey-Pony , Jowybean , and lolledits for those great arts :D
safe1922945 artist:honey_pony5 artist:jowyb1162 artist:kittyrosie1124 artist:yakovlev-vad564 edit152307 edited screencap77229 editor:dematrix-edit34 editor:lolledits34 screencap252548 applejack184919 fluttershy233521 izzy moonbow11284 pear butter3327 pinkie pie234763 pipp petals9318 rainbow dash255102 sunny starscout10560 oc811674 oc:bay breeze827 earth pony340101 eevee536 pegasus384111 pony1270448 unicorn422066 g531478 :c670 :p11654 abstract background19894 ball4832 blushing231493 brony stereotype203 cute228912 disembodied hand3341 duo101167 duo female17707 exploitable meme33574 female1557676 frown27455 gradient background16353 hand10413 heart58483 heart eyes21681 heavy weapons guy458 high res81239 hug32622 i fear no man3 icon2118 izzy's tennis ball1040 looking at you207944 mare589954 meet the pyro40 meme87913 messy mane8888 mouth hold20525 one eye closed38549 open mouth188203 pipp is short266 pokefied248 pokémon10122 smiling316474 team fortress 26389 tennis ball1345 text72933 tongue out124151 too many characters3 too many ponies74 wall of tags5146 wingding eyes28816


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