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It seems like the new batch of Spike clones have escape their containment units!
They are making their way towards the surface… and Twilight is the only thing between them and total chaos breaking loose on Ponyville!


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Background Pony #7FED
A highly genetically modified dog that’s basically the perfect lover, capable of caring for his family, raising his kids right, and of course, dicking his wife until she can’t remember how to spell her own name.
Background Pony #7FED
He’s probably in her room, being a good pet as always. May or may not have been the first test subject who she uses as her personal stress relief toy.
Background Pony #7B80
Will there be an epilogue to this picture or sequel where Twilight has to “Stop” the clones?
Background Pony #7FED
She’s about to regret not hiring some guard mares (to keep the Spikes “busy”).