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Reforming chrysalis
It’s probably the most ridiculous thing I ever draw.
safe1922120 artist:gor1ck261 applejack184884 fluttershy233460 pinkie pie234705 queen chrysalis38378 rainbow dash255051 rarity199442 spike85888 twilight sparkle327150 alicorn264939 changeling56641 changeling queen20459 dragon68676 earth pony339660 pegasus383657 pony1269535 unicorn421584 applejacked1390 cloud36436 crying49192 female1557045 flag4719 hand10405 magic83872 magic hands1095 male442705 mane seven7216 mane six34679 mare589601 mouth hold20516 muscles15085 onomatopoeia6052 prehensile mane324 simple background481545 sleeping26077 sound effects2910 telekinesis32854 tied up7085 tug of war146 twilight sparkle (alicorn)135838 white background123858 zzz2838


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Then AJ suddenly sneezes and lets go of Twi’s tail sending her (AJ) and the others flying. Chirrsy gets what the, I am assuming is a box of valintines day chocolates, and eats them all up lol