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suggestive188855 artist:charliexe413 philomena1200 rainbow dash277494 bird13563 human241018 phoenix2052 equestria girls253400 g42008298 alternate hairstyle37277 bare shoulders6069 bedroom eyes81196 breasts385519 bride535 cleavage46012 clothes626081 description in comments134 dress61053 duo164704 duo female29682 evening gloves10771 eyebrows23467 feet53935 female1782362 gloves29620 kneeling13020 lidded eyes46876 long gloves9258 looking at you254853 outfit1752 rainbow dash always dresses in style1949 sexy45328 sleeveless8465 smiling390373 smiling at you23870 stockings47741 story in the source2808 story included12647 stupid sexy rainbow dash4497 thigh highs58332 wedding dress2632


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This image has a mini-story!! If you want to read the mini-story of this pic, you can download the PDF here:
Story > Bridal Rainbow Dash - PDF
Dashie’s turn has come! This was a very difficult drawing to think of, the reason is easy and it’s that we all know Dash’s personality, she is not exactly an extremely feminine girl, so drawing her with a dress is sometimes a double-edged sword (and I understand perfectly). So what did I do here? I based my idea almost entirely on the dress she wore in the Galloping Gala , an episode of MLP, also, I thought of something where she can move her athletic body without fear of tripping x’D. Alright now seriously, Actually it’s like a mix of many factors, but in short, I had a hard time consigning a dress for the type of girl Dashie is, and I thought this outfit would be very pretty on her: Athletic personality but at the same time, stunning female beauty. Also, you are correct, it has a Greek style that I also liked a lot! That’s why I added Philomena (Celestia’s pet in MLP) in the background XD.