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beating the heat
(sharing one rickety fan with 5 ponies and a dragon isn’t turning out that great)
safe1902587 artist:aztrial134 hitch trailblazer5685 izzy moonbow10197 pipp petals7961 sparky sparkeroni123 sunny starscout9450 zipp storm6226 dragon67078 earth pony331632 pegasus375354 pony1250012 unicorn412615 g527155 baby11804 baby dragon1578 blushing228086 eyes closed113488 fan963 female1539544 heat199 heat wave2 hot365 lying down28636 male436190 mane five (g5)1825 mare579620 markings2498 open mouth184273 prone29514 siblings13065 simple background473759 sisters11566 stallion139076 summer1726 sweat31562 sweating profusely461 unshorn fetlocks33369 very hot11 warm144 white background121348


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@Background Pony #B64F
With the few local power companies introduce rolling blackouts to conserve energy when maretime bay is affected and or zephyr heights isn’t immune when sparky is joined by G5 in front of a table fan on high when Izzy moon-bow had already melted along with pip petals on the verge of melting as well along with sunny star-scout and hitch trailblazer when zip storm is flapping her wings to feel cooler.
Posted Report
Background Pony #9F8D
Hitch sure is hot enough all the mares want to stay close to him no matter how hot he is.
Background Pony #4238
Sparky’s just like “Sucks to be you I can literally swim in lava for fun”
Background Pony #A2A7
If only there was a stallion with a lucrative career or social media star that’s also a princess around so we could by another fan or two.
Conscious Donkey

Of course it’s not working, because Zipp is flapping against the airflow from the fan, making it ineffective. I know physics is not too important for royal education, but sometimes it helps to know the basics.
Background Pony #B64F
Local power utility scheduled a blackout to prevent overloading in Maretime Bay, too?