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I know it’s probably pointless to start posting mlp fanart, almost 3 years since the show ended and the fandom declined, but at least I’ll still be able to show proof that I’m still devoted. I never gave myself the chance to open myself up to the fandom back during the show’s early days, and now I’m too late.
In regards to my mlp artwork, the show’s simplistic art style is one of the few things that is very difficult to translate into my own anthro art style, so I’ve decided to start slow with drawing them close to their original styles with my own quirks. Then, I’ll slowly start practicing more with drawing more ponies in my own anthro art. Although, I did post my first two mlp fanarts three years ago, I honestly consider those to be flukes.
safe1947303 artist:jo-vee-al4 fluttershy235907 pegasus395553 pony1297121 blushing234935 cute232194 daaaaaaaaaaaw5689 female1580411 forest12578 looking at you212563 mare604708 raised hoof58666 shyabetes16696 smiling323862 smiling at you13245 solo1246869 spread wings73246 tree40229 unshorn fetlocks35023 wings169277


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