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I don’t even know what to say about this.
Just the El-Rom 6 being losers.
safe1947953 artist:frozensoulpony585 oc824322 oc only606426 oc:chiaroscuro11 oc:maraschino marianna milkshake9 oc:okimba7 oc:pastel sails10 oc:phoenix fireworks12 oc:wyken pippen10 draconequus16520 earth pony351666 hybrid25543 pegasus395912 pony1297913 unicorn434913 bust65858 female1581092 hat106648 interspecies offspring9104 magical lesbian spawn14367 male451350 mare605109 offspring46099 parent:discord3998 parent:double diamond349 parent:pinkie pie4860 parent:rainbow dash6775 parent:rarity5186 parent:sunset shimmer1689 parent:tempest shadow2442 parent:twilight sparkle9644 parents:doubledash44 parents:raricord74 parents:sunsetsparkle408 parents:tempestpie50 portrait36801 stallion145959 tongue out126466 traditional art130164


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