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safe1899558 artist:thwiprose4 sci-twi27912 sunset shimmer70135 twilight sparkle324593 human186064 equestria girls226118 abstract background19441 argyle49 bracelet11973 clothes533256 cutie mark on clothes4712 duo97184 duo female16814 ear piercing33293 earring25694 female1536491 frilly socks84 geode of empathy3560 geode of telekinesis3414 glasses73549 grin49038 jeans5015 jewelry83984 lesbian105623 looking at each other25690 looking at someone4960 magical geodes10902 midriff20961 necklace24274 pants17704 piercing50327 plaid skirt710 ring4711 ripped jeans311 ripped pants670 round glasses345 sandals4954 scitwishimmer2465 shipping222501 shoes46310 short shirt1844 sitting74289 skirt45933 smiling309246 sneakers5720 socks77502 socks with sandals45 sparkles5907 sunglasses17330 sunglasses on head92 sunsetsparkle4668 torn clothes5675 vest4487


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