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This is an ongoing YCH, you can get your own oc this cute as well! (without the box but you can ask for an edit if you really want it)
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safe1902280 artist:sugar morning1623 applejack183777 fluttershy231764 pinkie pie233241 rainbow dash253512 rarity198102 twilight sparkle324914 alicorn261222 earth pony331500 pegasus375201 pony1249676 unicorn412435 box5337 chibi16062 cute225920 dashabetes10592 diapinkes11223 female1539184 jackabetes6898 mane six34489 mare579450 pony in a box1140 raribetes6146 shyabetes16224 simple background473626 sitting74472 transparent background236433 twiabetes13354 twilight sparkle (alicorn)134844


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