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safe2200580 screencap298058 applejack202645 sci-twi31714 twilight sparkle361548 human251398 equestria girls259194 equestria girls specials24557 g42056611 my little pony equestria girls: better together40295 my little pony equestria girls: holidays unwrapped2866 the cider louse fools305 belt9704 bowtie15428 clothes646049 cowboy hat26550 cute269580 cutie mark on clothes6092 denim2903 denim skirt2303 geode of super strength2862 geode of telekinesis3477 glasses90519 hat126752 jackabetes8057 jewelry116480 looking at each other35385 looking at someone17320 magical geodes11729 necklace33216 open mouth243306 open smile33619 polo shirt233 sci-twiabetes211 shirt41806 skirt56841 smiling406930 smiling at each other2906 stetson5929 t-shirt7356 twiabetes15556


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