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The English title screen to Applejack’s Home Run Derby, a MLP parody game based on Winnie the Pooh’s Home Run Derby.
safe1971237 apple bloom56361 applejack187775 fluttershy238135 pinkie pie238554 rainbow dash259287 rarity203119 scootaloo55479 sweetie belle53442 earth pony361256 pegasus406422 pony1322912 unicorn446191 applejack also dresses in style223 applejack's hat11886 baseball470 baseball bat1384 baseball glove63 bipedal43723 bow38139 clothes559066 cloud37832 cowboy hat21912 cutie mark crusaders20900 female1602875 filly84721 flying47381 foal29520 food87686 game4450 hair bow21473 hat108910 honey404 horn117208 jar1314 looking at you216993 mare618098 parody16641 scootaloo can fly829 shirt32409 sky19127 smiling331086 sports4903 spread wings75382 text75941 tree41422 wings174938 winnie the pooh253


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