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Patreon reward for Wes Franklin, featuing anthro Sunset Shimmer meeting a very surprised human Twilight, both in the Shadowrun setting!
Sunset had fallen through the mirror portal and ended up in the Sixth World, where she spent many years as a shadowrunner. After Twilight went through the same portal, she was surprised not only to see Sunset, but also that she was now a blend of both pony and human! Shimmer can’t wait to tell her old friend all about it, and what she’s been up to all these years…
safe1898162 artist:omny87375 sunset shimmer70091 twilight sparkle324464 cyborg4339 unicorn410737 anthro299631 unguligrade anthro55735 equestria girls226012 abs13152 alcohol8403 bare midriff60 barstool91 boots26757 breasts323710 busty sunset shimmer6495 busty twilight sparkle13848 clothes532807 cyberpunk1867 drink6026 duo96950 duo female16730 female1535333 fingerless gloves5509 gloves23797 jacket15253 pants17683 pony coloring2956 shadowrun29 shoes46264


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