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safe1902284 artist:beefgummies47 adagio dazzle14364 aria blaze10807 sonata dusk14757 equestria girls226474 1920x1080281 adagio dazzle is not amused40 aria blaze is not amused41 boots26829 breasts324813 cigarette4491 cleavage39290 clothes534340 crossed arms6434 disguise5899 disguised siren896 eye clipping through hair9885 eyebrows13160 eyebrows visible through hair6906 female1539186 frown27048 gem7462 hairband1510 high heels13692 jacket15315 jeans5027 leaning4261 leaning on wall61 meme87345 missing accessory8938 narrowed eyes1113 pants17751 pigtails5383 ponified meme1523 ponytail21597 shoes46431 siren gem2215 sitting74472 sneaking359 sonata dusk is not amused3 the backrooms23 the dazzlings4859 this will end in death2902 this will end in tears3720 this will end in tears and/or death2464 this will not end well2015 trio14445 trio female3112 twintails1934 unamused19264 vest4494 wall of tags5060


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Background Pony #2016
POV: You have come across The Dazzlings in The Backrooms and they are about to chase you.