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TF2’s public servers are unplayable with aimbots, and all Valve does is half-ass a solution and pretend all problems are fixed, then continue to monetize the game in its broken state.
Something definitive needs to be done for Team Fortress 2.
semi-grimdark31968 artist:mkogwheel1010 applejack182458 fluttershy229890 pinkie pie231559 rainbow dash251614 rarity196577 earth pony323202 pegasus366252 pony1229579 robot8872 unicorn403640 blood27293 corpse777 crying48061 death5573 engiejack154 engineer907 eyes rolling back3124 female1521524 fluttermedic187 mare568923 medic1383 pinkie pyro174 pyro798 rainbow scout217 rarispy216 scout1157 shot138 spy1333 team fortress 26300 tongue out120213


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Shadow Tagger
I support this wholeheartedly, as a player of TF2 since 2009 i’m sad about the state it’s now in, it seems private servers are the only way to really enjoy the game anymore now…
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