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Looks like we now know the little guys name


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The special is written and directed by Gillian M. Berrow and Claire Redfield is the voice director. Can’t wait for the series to premiere this fall.
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hopefully future episodes have a more complete list of voice credits instead of just a mishmash of names thrown into “additional voices” - S1/S2 of G4 had almost this exact problem where only the main cast (plus Celestia and the CMCs) were credited, and everyone else had to be confirmed by the staff
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To clear things up to those who don’t watch TYT or aren’t on Twitter or other social media:
Sara Garcia: Dahlia
Kimberly-Ann Truong: Posey
Samantha Bielanski: Jazz
Jonathan Tan: Rocky
Athena Karkanis: Zoom
Amanda Martinez: Queen Haven
(The mysterious alicorn is probably voiced by Vanessa Sears and Windy is probably voiced by either Athena or Amanda, but I’m not sure)
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Alyson Court was the voice director for this special. Izzy Moonbow’s name is similar to Izzy Glow (Shining Firefly) from MMX5. Alyson Court was the one that push forward the idea for all the Mavericks’ names in MMX5 to be homages to Guns N Roses. Therefore, future villains will have Gun N Roses inspired names thanks to Alyson Court.