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“Mmm, that really hit the spot,” Twilight said as she wiped off any excess burger grease from her lips, trying to stifle an embarrassing belch. “But I don’t think I can eat another bite.”

“Oh, I was actually going to ask if you could finish my food,” her mother, Twilight Velvet, suddenly chimed in from across the food court table. She was waving a freshly-cooked burger towards Twilight before pulling it back. “But if you’re cutting back now, then…”

“Oh, no. I don’t mind.” Though she tried to play it off as nonchalantly as she could, as this would be her fourth burger in a single sitting, she really couldn’t help herself. Twilight reached out as far as her chunky arm could go until her mother finally handed the food over. “Thanks Mom.”

“I really just wanted fries, but thank you anyway for the food.” Despite a small part of her hoping her daughter’s weight gain was starting to slow down, Velvet still smiled as she watched her take a huge bite out of the burger. “You know, it’s funny,” Velvet began to reminisce. “I remember a long time ago, you used to ask me or your father or your brother to finish whatever food you had left. Seems to be the other way around now.”

With her mouth full, Twilight couldn’t say anything at first. So she simply smiled and nodded before finally being able to speak. “Well, it’s a good thing I’m out of the house most of the time. I’d be finishing up more than just leftovers.”

“I guess that’s true,” Velvet chuckled to herself as she bit into her last few fries, still watching as her daughter already finished off half of the burger. She knew it was something Twilight couldn’t control, but having watched her grow visibly fatter by the day, it was easy to forget how much smaller she used to be just a few years ago. In fact, the same could be said for just a couple of months ago. Things truly felt like they were happening quite fast. “Now that I think about it, it has been a while since you and I had a chance to go out, hasn’t it?”

Quickly swallowing the last of her burger, Twilight replied. “Yeah, I know. And I’m sorry about that. But with the train ride to and back from the university every day, needing to study for essays and tests, and… you know… other things weighing me down,” she said this with a shrug, gesturing towards her massive belly before continuing, “It’s just not as easy to find the time to do this.”

“Oh, your father and I completely understand. You know that we’re both very proud of you for always doing your best, even with everything you’re going through right now. But if I’m being honest here, with you being out all the time and your brother getting married later this year, we’re already starting to miss you two.” Velvet got up from her seat and started stacking all the trays together. “First, Shining. And then sooner or later, you’ll be moving out too. You know, once everything starts to resolve itself,” she added as she headed towards the nearest trash can.

“Yeah, hopefully sooner rather than later,” Twilight sighed to herself as she rubbed her bulging stomach, barely feeling full despite the hefty lunch she just ate.

Twilight Sparkle - 827 lbs
Twilight Velvet - 160 lbs
suggestive170467 artist:neongothic323 sci-twi28502 twilight sparkle330192 twilight velvet4984 human198445 equestria girls230984 bbw4984 belly35012 big belly15767 bingo wings3287 breasts336353 burger2258 busty sci-twi1123 chair9938 chubby cheeks4737 double chin2321 equestria girls-ified11775 fat25668 fat ass410 fat boobs1033 fat face76 fat fetish2360 female1580933 fetish48405 food86057 french fries660 furniture abuse187 glasses76082 huge belly6242 huge butt12966 impossibly large belly12898 impossibly large butt8663 large butt24808 morbidly obese9219 mother and child3889 mother and daughter6943 obese13459 ponytail22228 sci-twilard131 ssbbw2018 story included11073 the ass was fat18102 the ass was too fat347 thighs21395 thunder thighs12009 twilard sparkle1565 twilight burgkle586 twilight has a big ass654 weight gain5087


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Background Pony #CE00
Interesting. I thought Velvet’s face looked a bit pudgier, but this says her weight is unchanged. Twilight however is getting very close to breaking her counterpart’s peak. Wouldn’t be surprised if she eventually broke a thousand.
Up next is Pinkie or SS most likely. Probably tomorrow. I bet two days at most. By now, SS should be at around 1650.
Background Pony #1EC6
I know this and the one with Rarity are the only Mother’s Day pics you made and I’m not asking for more because I know you’re currently working on something else but would you insight us on how the others spent theirs?