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Been meaning to update my OC for a very long time and now I finally did it. Heres his new redesign with what hell look like from now, doesnt he just look like a hippie?
I originally didnt want to make it an OC reference sheet and make it just him, but I decided why not and then proceeded to go overboard. Also, I got an artist sketch pad so now I can make bigger drawings without worring about running out of space. Lastly, I apologize for the quality of the pic, I couldnt take a good picture of it no matter how hard I tried and I dont have a scanner at the moment. But anyways, heres Myoozik The Dragon in all his redesigned glory in case you want to draw him or know more about him. I made this look like a generic Deviantart reference sheet, I swear
What the text says for those who cant read it:
Species: Dragon (Obviously)
Age: Early-Mid 20s
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Pansexual
Birthplace: Dragon Lands
Current Residence: Manhattan
Occupation: Amateur Musician
Likes: Music (Any kind, but prefers rock/alternative), his friends, chill/laid-back people, traveling, cartoons, history, making jokes/snarky remarks, being barefooted, Starlight Glimmer/Trixie, chocolate, fries, soda, rain
Dislikes: Drama, politics/politicians, judgemental people, shoes, liars, overly negative people, overreactors, feeling rushed/stresses, getting ignored, the cold
Top hat, glasses, dragon claw necklace, bracelets/anklets/toe rings, shirt and pants vary and can wear different ones, but his default is a green shirt and shorts
Additional Facts:
Can play a variety of different instruments, hates the cold climate, has never put on shoes in his life and hates wearing them, despite not liking commercialism, he owns/buys/eats products from corporations (hypocrite), gets homesick a lot, is snarky to everyone, but hates getting snarked on and wants to he a successful/popular musician
Art and Myoozik The Dragon belong to me
safe1883275 artist:myoozik62 derpibooru exclusive32020 oc789109 oc only584568 oc:myoozik the dragon78 dragon65861 anklet1203 bracelet11640 brown eyes756 cellphone4982 clothes527074 dragon oc1263 earbuds927 gesture147 glasses72689 green shirt24 happy35760 hat101119 holding3950 information63 jewelry82088 looking at you200140 male429551 necklace23850 pants17447 phone8616 photo86284 redesign3070 reference sheet14980 shirt29895 shorts16189 smartphone2921 smiling303887 solo1198746 standing16602 text70206 toe ring774 top hat4698 traditional art126683 4


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Glass Sight's Chocopon
Lookin good! :3
Nice facts too (though I admit I had to squint to read some of it)
A top hat is a nice look for him. That said, Im sure hed also look good in a tie dye shirt!