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With June just around the corner, I thought I’d get my pride piece done with! This took literally all day I am deceased.
In case you couldn’t identify all their flags, these are my up-to-date headcanons for the mane 6:
Twilight - Asexual lesbian/homoromantic
Fluttershy - Trans (MtF), lesbian
Rarity - Trans (MtF), pansexual
Pinkie Pie - Nonbinary, queer
Rainbow Dash - Unlabeled, cis
Applejack - Bisexual
What’re your identity headcanons for them?
safe1973579 artist:joburii90 applejack187930 fluttershy238397 pinkie pie238749 rainbow dash259558 rarity203304 twilight sparkle333170 alicorn274842 earth pony362424 pegasus407571 pony1325648 unicorn447384 applejack's hat11931 asexual pride flag233 bisexual pride flag791 cape12887 choker17388 clothes560077 cowboy hat21971 eyeshadow22665 face paint1137 female1605330 flower32850 gay pride flag507 grin53092 hat109107 lesbian pride flag530 makeup31047 mane six35346 mare619368 mouth hold21251 nonbinary768 nonbinary pride flag213 open mouth198197 pansexual pride flag398 pride3072 pride flag2750 rainbow5755 rose4694 shutter shades279 simple background502650 smiling331815 sunglasses18428 trans female1209 transgender2761 transparent background248312 twilight sparkle (alicorn)138665 unlabeled pride flag1


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