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Artist’s comment:
Summer is coming in the Northern Hemisphere and with it swimsuit weather. This is a patron reward for . He wanted Zipp Storm in a bikini.
Of all the new characters in Gen 5 Zipp has been the biggest, and most pleasant, surprise for me. I thought she was going to be another jock pegasus pony. Now she is very athletic but she has a scholastic aspect that I found very appealing.
FYI. As I was drawing this picture the little scene in the bottom right corner popped into my head. So I added it.
suggestive170207 artist:baron engel2383 hitch trailblazer7357 sunny starscout11729 zipp storm8529 earth pony350716 pegasus395106 unicorn433938 anthro309995 unguligrade anthro57347 g536616 absolute cleavage4585 beach chair1123 belly34902 belly button94071 big breasts104097 bikini22041 book38769 breasts336066 busty zipp storm128 chair9928 cleavage40293 clothes549718 colored hooves8639 dialogue78641 female1579537 grayscale43569 implied hitchzipp19 implied shipping6082 male450686 micro bikini1177 monochrome162681 one-piece swimsuit5771 pencil drawing9569 reading7194 side-tie bikini496 sideboob12460 simple background490589 sitting77082 smug7623 smug smile86 story included11057 string bikini905 sunglasses18149 swimsuit34268 traditional art130089 unshorn fetlocks34997 white background126753


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