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safe1897396 artist:yunlongchen85 applejack183428 queen chrysalis38005 rainbow dash252987 twilight sparkle324345 changeling55431 changeling queen20144 earth pony329542 pegasus372941 pony1245031 unicorn410426 animated108635 female1534537 fire12965 friendship express539 gif37747 into the breach1 isometric36 locomotive367 pixel art12878 reference4453 royal guard8980 sad27416 sprite2348 steam locomotive120 tiles46 train2929 unicorn twilight23515 video game reference89


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Lunar Flare
Non-Fungible Trixie -

Let’s see. RD is obviously Jet Mech; Applejack has to be either the Judo Mech or the Charge Mech because Applejack. Probably Judo since she is unarmored. Twilight… I am not sure which twilight is. She has the Defense Mech shield but is not flying, so we will call her Pulse mech for now and say she found the shield generator.
The other option is that these are cartoon horses, and I am overthinking this…Naaaaah.
Regardless, I love this as a pseudo-puzzle game and seeing it ponified like this and a GIF brings me joy.