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“Well, that was certainly an interesting exhibit, wasn’t it? Personally, multiverse theories have always fascinated me.” Twilight Sparkle said with optimism, looking up towards Dr. Rosette Nebula as she waddled along side her, trying her best not to breathe so loudly from carry her hefty bulk. “What did you think?”

Finally having a chance to spend time with her outside of a classroom or an office, Twilight was more than eager to impress her. She just hoped she didn’t come across as too desperate, or at the very least too out of shape to keep up with the far slender woman. It wasn’t so bad back at the museum, since there were always benches and snack machines around for when she needed a break. But walking around downtown was no easy feat for someone who was now over 800 pounds.

“They are interesting to think about, I’ll admit,” Rosette chuckled as she glanced over to her heavy-set student, slowing her pace down slightly so she could catch up. “But I’ve always taken them more as part of a larger philosophical discussion rather than a legitimate scientific theory.”

“Oh?” Twilight tilted her head curiously. “Why do you say that?”

“Well, the concept or idea of multiverses, alternate timelines and realities? When it comes down to it, it’s hardly a real hypothesis because it simply cannot be falsified,” the professor stated, falling into the habit of gesturing her hands around as she carried on with her explanation. “The ability to disprove a theory by means of a scientific experiment is an absolute necessity if it is to be accepted as a scientific method.”

Taken aback by the dismissive comment, Twilight decided to try to chime in with her own perspective. “I can understand that. But perhaps if there was some kind of evidence, like let’s say…” She paused for a moment, trying to find the best way to describe her experiences on the matter without being too direct. It wasn’t exactly a normal thing to bring up in a conversation. “Let’s say there have been reports or sightings of… interdimensional activity…”

“Oh, if you’re referring to what happened at the Canterlot High School some time ago, I’m afraid word-of-mouth is not exactly concrete evidence. Unusual weather phenomena, most likely. Hell, maybe even aliens,” Rosette jokingly scoffed.

“R-right.” Though Twilight felt a bit dejected, she also wasn’t too surprised considering how unbelievable it would sound for someone who wasn’t there.

“Any real evidence of other universes would be so far beyond our reach, that it would need to rely less on scientific credibility and more on personal faith,” Rosette continued, starting to sound a little more stern in her tone of voice. “So while it’s intriguing to speculate and ponder about the nature of our existence on a much grander and more complex scale, without any tangible proof, it’s really no different than placing all your beliefs onto some superstition or a nonexistent god.”

“I see,” Twilight nodded. But her mind was elsewhere, debating whether she should say anything about the world of magical talking horses or not risk making herself sound crazy in front of someone she looks up to.

“Oh, no offense, of course!”

Snapping out of it, Twilight’s eyes darted towards Dr. Nebula, who had stopped just ahead of her. “I’m sorry?” As she replied with a deep and heavy breath, Twilight just then realized how tired she was starting to sound. The weight must’ve really been getting the best of her.

“No, I’m sorry,” Rosette smiled awkwardly as she approached. “I’m not sure if you’re actually religious, so forgive me if I sounded rather pretentious.”

“Oh, no. It’s not that,” Twilight assured, trying not to make herself sound too out of breath. “I’m not religious at all. I just… have a lot on my mind.”

Rosette simply nodded back. However, seeing the way her obese student was huffing and puffing, it was now obvious to her that Twilight was also really needing a break. “How about we rest for a bit?”

“If you don’t mind,” Twilight happily agreed with a sigh of relief. As much as she wanted to draw attention away from her size, there really wasn’t much she could do about it at this point. She turned to look across the street, finding an empty table and a set of chairs. Ideally, she would’ve preferred more than a single seat, but it’ll have to do. “There’s a table over there,” she pointed.

Adjusting her glasses, Rosetta took a look before pointing out the name. “You mean the table in front of… Sugarcube Corner?”

“Oh,” Twilight chuckled nervously. “I swear, that’s just a coincidence. But I wouldn’t mind getting a bite to eat,” she shrugged.

“Well, no argument from me. An iced coffee and doughnuts would be nice.”

Twilight - 808 lbs
Rosette - 139 lbs
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I like reading the descriptions on these pics when they finally drop on Derpibooru. The pics themselves, and their blurbs on the Tumblr, are nice enough for those of us just here for the fat, but it’s nice to get these snippets of what life is actually like for these girls. At least for the ones who can still walk.
This is a prime example, with it being less about fat Twi and more about a fun twist on a believer vs skeptic debate, someone who has a reasonable, er, reason to be a skeptic, and someone who knows the truth for a fact but has her own reasons to not pull out the evidence.
Background Pony #113E
Even Rosette is starting to get a bit pudgier.
Twi is truly a fatass. She will break her counterpart’s record within the next two times her weight is updated.