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Big Macintosh, Applejack and Braeburn take the Cutie Mark Crusaders with them in the hot city of Dallas, as Applejack promised she will take her two siblings along into the real world, with her cousin and Apple Bloom’s friends also being invited to go, too.
safe1973284 artist:mlplover9470 apple bloom56432 applejack187909 big macintosh31324 braeburn6704 scootaloo55537 sweetie belle53498 earth pony362309 pony1325359 bow38248 clothes559983 cowboy hat21962 cutie mark crusaders20931 dallas60 female1605077 filly84968 foal29811 hat109082 irl78299 male460531 mare619298 open mouth198182 photo89383 ponies in real life6425 smiling331765 stallion150516 texas112 vest4754


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