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he’s a baby so its baby jokes. like diaper changing trying to put the kid down. its gonna be like the babysitting ep where pinkie pie babysits the cake twins
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Okay even if they give sparky a backstory doesn’t mean they get to forget about spike’s backstory we still don’t know spike’s origins. WTH Hasbro your turning out to be worst like 343 industries.
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Seriously Spike was kind of confusing. If he was supposed to be a kid character than why wasn’t he hanging with other kids his age or at least close to his age?
I’m honestly convinced Spike was originally made to fit the “pet” role for Twilight. Pets seemed like they were planned for a bigger role than they got, what with all the merch and promos they got early on. But plans changed and they just made him a sidekick and gave her the owl. Then just due to already having 6 main characters to write for he didn’t get much thought until 5+ seasons later when they were running out of stuff for the main cast to do.
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Honestly I think Sparky is gonna be like Flurry Heart. He/she is just gonna be a baby and mess things up then laugh about it. It’s just gonna have a smaller impact because he/she doesn’t have OP alicorn powers.

G5 seems to have no real ties to G4. G4 seems to be a fictional story series invented by Sunny that is based off of the research her father has done, thus the references are… just that, only references, thus we’re not in the G4 world.
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Even if your toy line is nothing but rainbow princess horses and glitter hair bows, it still needs more Ewoks.
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And let’s be honest. It probably wad a toy reason that Sparky has wings not a creative decision. I dont have much knowledge of the relationship of toys and the show but I can imagine toy company would want Sparky to have wings as quickly as possible for aesthetic reasons.
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Yeah what would they even do with Sparky? If he is a baby character, the episode about hin would be more about the Mane Five taking care of him.
So it could work if they showed good characterizations of the Mane Five in handlung the baby. But the baby would probably not have much of a character in and of himself.
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Aw c’mon everypony, all of these pesky plot holes and a decade of established world building can be explained away with absolutely no effort at all by a magical thing called: E V O L U T I O N
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The most disappointing thing is that they would need to do a huge time skip just to get him to Spike’s age just to give him more character.
Sparky is literally a baby and it’s impossible to give a baby character unless you make him a joke like Poof from the Fairly Oddparents