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suggestive167561 artist:niban-destikim447 sci-twi28168 sunset shimmer70807 twilight sparkle326995 spider2067 comic:the shrinking project18 equestria girls228316 barefoot31733 cocoon737 comic121044 dialogue77069 drool29098 face licking331 feet47196 imminent vore2724 licking23441 micro10200 nail119 shrinking383 spider web827 tongue out123913


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Just Wayne
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Come on Twilight, appreciate the fact that spider has a tongue to lick you. It probably feels really good, especially considering how real spiders eat…
Also, I wish these are tagged more properly. I specifically watch the comic name tag so I can get update since it’s seldom tagged with tags I watch (macro/micro, shrinking, tiny and stuff), but this one isn’t even tagged with the comic name. I could have missed it.
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“Besides, that’s not even how your mouthparts work! You should be injecting me with acid, then… You know what? I’m just going to stop talking.”