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Commission for anon, Based on Muse’s album, Black Hole and Revelations, where you can see 3 horses on the table. In addition to having a song called Starlight ✨ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Holes_and_Revelations#/media/File:BlackHolesCover.jpg

safe2117535 artist:riouku606 starlight glimmer58554 human234270 pony1478638 unicorn512375 equestria girls249225 g41926608 :o6210 album cover1933 album parody183 amazed354 beanie4739 breasts376050 chair11272 clothes611440 commission110545 cute257035 eye clipping through hair13182 eyebrows21541 eyebrows visible through hair10171 eyes closed133593 female1739146 filly93742 filly starlight glimmer677 frown34029 glimmerbetes4705 glowing17201 glowing horn28115 happy42685 hat119506 horn139652 human ponidox4087 jeans6179 lying down41802 magic93727 magic aura8455 mare702737 multeity2939 muse44 open mouth225046 open smile26267 pants21319 prone33690 raised eyebrow9234 ripped jeans386 ripped pants866 s5 starlight2551 self paradox3627 self ponidox10105 shirt38153 signature41452 sitting88297 sky21934 smiling376546 solo1381519 starlight cluster113 t-shirt6749 table12507 telekinesis37805 time paradox588 torn clothes6639 unamused23163 vest5528 wall of tags6260 watch1835 wristwatch702 younger22207


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Background Pony #3F46
“Aren’t we breaking some kind of laws of reality?”
“When has that ever stopped us?”
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Flutters Hitchy Glimglam
Aww ponies Glimglams are so small. So many cute Glimmars to choose from. I want human Starlight to hug all the other Starlights~ :3
Background Pony #209F
Why is Equestria Glimmer so.shocked? She was all of these ponies at one time.