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safe1862685 screencap242072 hitch trailblazer4379 sparky sparkeroni53 dragon64707 earth pony313764 pony1207033 g521136 my little pony: a new generation12465 my little pony: make your mark220 spoiler:my little pony: make your mark166 baby11476 baby dragon1492 cute220489 daaaaaaaaaaaw5259 daddy hitch3 hasbro is trying to murder us36 hug31460 logo4377 male423140 netflix554 netflix logo268 papa hitch16 spoiler735


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Background Pony #498A
I agree, in a world full of magical/fantastical creatures i can buy the idea that somewhere out there is a sub-species of winged dogs
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Young Leosword
Residual magic probably gave animals horns and wings, and made them look weird. Restoring pony magic may have had some gradual effects on the environment and atmosphere we won’t see for several years. Griffons probably have snake tails or some shite. :3
Background Pony #0A90
Can we talk more about daddy Hitch and the potential behind that concept?
Background Pony #669A
@Background Pony #498A
I am pretty sure they were being sarcastic since many people still think that G5 is a reboot and some will even say it hasn’t been confirmed that it is set in the same universe. I know some who get angry just by knowing it is a distant sequel.