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A skit based on this image made with
- SUNSET (ROBOTIC VOICE): I will say, Twi, you do look good in my jacket – but can I please ask that you don’t get Dorito dust all over it? I haven’t been able to find a replacement for it.
- TWILIGHT: Oh, sorry! Do you want me to go get another jacket?
- SUNSET: Oh, nonono, it’s fine, just be careful with it.
- TWILIGHT: Okay, I’ll try at least.
- TWILIGHT: Speaking of Doritos, do you want any?
- SUNSET: …Aaahh. Twi. I’m a robot. Robots don’t have taste buds. Robots also don’t have a stomach or intestines or anything to digest any food, let alone a way to even swallow. I’d love some Doritos right about now, but I’ll have to pass.
- TWILIGHT: Oh, right, haha, forgot about that. I guess that just completely slipped my mind when I was making the roboticization spell.
- SUNSET: Yeah. I found that out the hard way.
- SUNSET: Oh, by the way Twi, about these optical sensors you gave me…
- TWILIGHT: Yeah! Do you like them? I made them run at 300Hz, which is well higher than any human or equine’s persistence of vision–
- SUNSET: Uhhh, yeah, the show on the TV is still only 24Hz. I literally can’t perceive what’s on the screen.
- TWILIGHT: …Ah. Fuck.
Rendered with 9 4K renders @ 256 DoF samples
23 lights used in this scene (1 volumetric)
Models used:
[*] the coffee table and stove models were from the SFM Workshop, however the original upload has been taken down, so I’ve reuploaded the pack onto MEGA.
safe1899605 artist:imafutureguitarhero385 sci-twi27912 sunset shimmer70135 twilight sparkle324597 alicorn260732 classical unicorn4603 robot8991 robot pony4352 unicorn411344 anthro300041 3d95148 absurd file size2346 absurd resolution70017 amplifier162 aperture16 aperture iris16 arm on shoulder38 beanbag60 beanbag chair477 black bars302 blinds105 c:1282 cargo pants78 cheek fluff7423 chest fluff49621 chest freckles1200 chips877 chromatic aberration1721 clothes533263 coffee table40 colored eyebrows360 colored eyelashes613 controller2653 dialogue75835 doritos243 duo97185 ear fluff38857 ear freckles388 electric guitar1340 female1536527 film grain309 fluffy16057 fluffy mane292 food82500 freckles34205 fruit1242 fruit bowl42 fur661 glowing9668 glowing eyes12972 guitar5650 horn105157 hug32215 ipod430 jacket15279 jeans5015 kitchen2168 leather jacket4374 leonine tail10592 lesbian105623 long hair5207 long mane4068 long nails666 looking at someone4960 looking at something3496 microwave120 missing accessory8929 multicolored hair8041 multicolored mane2774 musical instrument13087 no glasses188 open mouth183607 painting4111 paintover68 pants17704 peppered bacon248 remote353 revamped anthros754 revamped ponies433 roboticization518 scitwilicorn603 scitwishimmer2465 shimmerbot8 shipping222502 shirt30348 short shirt1844 signature32662 sitting74289 smiling309265 soda1800 source filmmaker56033 story included10683 stove232 subtitles1667 sunsetsparkle4668 table10665 tail54803 tail fluff218 tanktop9162 text71338 twilight sparkle (alicorn)134683 vulgar description203 wall of tags5045 winghug3303 wings158431 xbox 360 controller71


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