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safe1653966 artist:nuclearsuplexattack29 fluttershy207119 pegasus271601 pony918446 abstract background13335 ball3044 bicycle kick13 clothes440949 featured image843 female1317658 football1504 frown22219 gritted teeth11467 kick700 kicking1986 lip bite11146 shirt23456 simple background375879 solo1030185 sports3312 transparent background194625 upside down5322


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Yeah, made a fix for that. Anyone will know what they're talking about when someone mentions soccer resp. american football, so football is now just aliased to soccer, and american football is now a tag thing.

I retagged most of the things that were originally found with football,-soccer to american football but I might have missed some.

Not to sound stupid, but this looks like the Super Mario Strikers art. Should this have a "Super Mario Strikers" tag, and/or a style emulation tag?

This was drawn almost three years ago. I never expected to see it around again. Thanks for the feature.

FYI I still draw… just under a new name to hide all the naughty images.