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My Little Pony: Tell Your Tale, episode Foal Me Once
Paintings from Sweet and Elite (>>42591) and On Your Marks (>>1128635)
safe1901913 edit150371 edited screencap76095 screencap247936 bruce mane209 eclair créme264 hitch trailblazer5632 jangles207 masquerade273 perfect pace339 photo finish2807 pinto paintcaster17 pish posh76 pop art (character)18 posey (g5)338 rainbow dash253484 rarity198085 silver frames84 star gazer167 stella lashes88 tree hugger3124 earth pony331316 pegasus375048 pony1249377 unicorn412302 foal me once163 g526949 my little pony: tell your tale4220 on your marks955 season 23483 season 61859 sweet and elite946 spoiler:g54777 spoiler:my little pony: tell your tale3656 spoiler:tyts01e08162 andy warhol43 art1051 background pony10956 beatnik rarity674 beret2285 bipedal41864 bust63107 clothes534242 cubism74 discovery family1112 discovery family logo11859 eyes closed113409 female1538850 fine art parody567 girl with a pearl earring19 hat102820 logo4648 male435936 mare579243 modern art1562 open mouth184070 pablo picasso38 ponified45051 portrait35532 reference4466 salvador dalí64 stallion138959 stella108 sunglasses17359 surreal1021 sweater16538 the persistence of memory29 the scream76


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