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I’m getting more and more into the idea of ​​Twilight as a grown-up Alicorn. In my mind she’s never as tall as Celestia, but she’s close. (o^ ^o)
safe1947953 artist:magnaluna1203 twilight sparkle330210 alicorn270059 pony1297913 the last problem7082 beautiful6750 belly button94188 crossed hooves2463 cute232335 female1581093 high res84278 jewelry88891 long mane4420 long tail3117 looking at you212771 lying down31442 majestic770 mare605110 older33521 older twilight2593 on side8040 princess twilight 2.03161 signature34277 slim1169 smiling324089 smiling at you13284 solo1247492 spread wings73328 tail62401 tiara5439 twiabetes13677 twilight sparkle (alicorn)137381 wings169497


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Twilight as a full-grown alicorn princess, but still with most of her original proportions. Wish they had gone with something like this honestly.