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I’m getting more and more into the idea of ​​Twilight as a grown-up Alicorn. In my mind she’s never as tall as Celestia, but she’s close. (o^ ^o)
safe1970850 artist:magnaluna1206 twilight sparkle332819 alicorn274266 pony1322521 the last problem7155 beautiful6912 belly button95624 crossed hooves2491 cute236072 female1602475 high res86645 jewelry91188 long mane4659 long tail3297 looking at you216902 lying down32712 majestic775 mare617906 older34124 older twilight2664 on side8197 princess twilight 2.03226 signature34958 slim2230 smiling330969 smiling at you14095 solo1267882 spread wings75355 tail66171 tiara5610 twiabetes13846 twilight sparkle (alicorn)138522 wings174818


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Twilight as a full-grown alicorn princess, but still with most of her original proportions. Wish they had gone with something like this honestly.