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Decided to go back to this Rarity and shade her in.
suggestive167166 artist:astrum151 rarity199160 pony1264654 unicorn419095 belly34007 belly on floor422 big belly15110 bingo wings3116 bow35788 butt154674 chubby cheeks4619 digital art24530 double chin2252 eating11199 eyes closed114989 fat25187 fat fetish2256 female1552557 fetish47215 flabby chest517 floating heart4307 food83678 gift art3226 happy36764 heart58193 huge belly5888 huge butt12495 ice cream5690 impossibly large belly12622 impossibly large butt8450 large butt23566 levitation13801 magic83604 mare587026 morbidly obese9072 near immobile399 neck roll1404 obese13258 plot106121 raised hoof57217 raritubby1210 ribbon8002 silverware58 smiling314792 solo1224020 solo female201401 spoon1596 telekinesis32738 weight gain5001


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