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Chrysalis - I Need Love by Pony Berserker, commissioned by Moon Flower (2022APR29)
I present you a Chrysalis who just woke up, being grumpy and tired like a coffee addict. Of course, it is a lack of love rather than caffeine in her case. I guess she’s reusing that love tea bag for the fifth time, it doesn’t seem to raise her mood anymore. 🤭
As a fellow badge collector, being a very slow artist, and having much work at the stables going on; I decided to commission Pony Berserker for the “Canterlot Wedding 10th Anniversary” art event here on Derpibooru.
After giving him some ideas, he got one on his own, and the end result is a mix of both imaginations.
A last change has been made after the lineart was done, the coffee turned to tea, because I don’t drink coffee. I can identify better with tea, so now I have a nice picture to spam to partners. 😛
safe1945465 artist:pony-berserker1084 queen chrysalis38720 changeling57603 changeling queen20814 canterlot wedding 10th anniversary391 bust65765 colored21874 commission94216 commissioner:moon flower3 crown24150 cup7622 digital art25212 english2074 eyeshadow21884 fangs32439 female1578824 floppy ears63465 food85844 gradient background16774 grumpy2940 hair2376 heart59718 hoof hold10579 horn112517 i need love1 jewelry88497 lidded eyes38087 makeup30009 mane2522 mug5317 open mouth193022 paper3851 portrait36752 queen735 raised hoof58607 regalia28798 simple background490223 solo1245591 speech3305 speech bubble30992 spread wings73140 steam2485 string336 talking8286 tea3402 text74448 three quarter view2272 tired3756 tongue out126213 wings168965


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Background Pony #E31B
I can’t speak for the fandom in general but I am as sympathetic as someone with roaches in the kitchen. Yes, they gotta eat. But that won’t stop me gassing and squishing them.
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@Pyro Hydrate
There was a fic written some time during or after season 2 where Chrysalis realized she was receiving love from bronies. It ended with MLP being mysteriously cancelled, implying that Chrysalis had used that love to conquer Equestria.
Pyro Hydrate

Maintenance Required
How much love do you think Chrissy gets from all the collective Bronies? Do we, working together, generate enough love for this character to feed a hive?