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“Bombardier?” The officer said, looking inside the dark hangar, after he called out for him a bit of movement was heard. It kinda looked like some horror movie dark cave where a monster was inside, waiting for it’s prey. But instead of a monster, in this case there was a giant plane pony that lacked the ‘Evil’ attribute completely.
“Yes sir?” A voice was heard from inside and, surprisingly for a military pony, this voice seemed soft. Some more ruckus was heard inside the gigantic hangar, and, after a few moments, the head of the plane pony was seen, looking down the tiny officer from above, in a very literal way. He was literally towering over him. He realized this very fact and decided to lower herself a bit; to the point his fluffy chin was resting on the cold concrete floor. “Do you need anything sir?”
“Come with me, you’ll met your new co-pilot” The officer said, motioning a hoof that basically meant ‘follow me’ in non-verbal language, then proceeding to walk a bit and get inside a jeep parked some meters away, in the passenger seat, the young driver waiting for his commander with a little of impatience.
The plane pony moved forward, as per request, and as soon as he stepped out of the hangar, his whole figure was visible, unobscured by the darkness that covered the interior of the structure. He was brown, or more like brown-ish/light brown; had a surprising amount of fluff that was noticeable from atleast 500 meters away; had some little cute fangs that poked out of his cute smile; he had wings and tail characteristics of a plane pony; and he also had some little cute eyelahes, despite being a male plane pony (Though this particular plone was a bit femboyish and girly, but there’s nothing wrong with that, especially in Equestria).
As he walked past the hangar, following the jeep in front of him, he idly wondered who would be his new copilot, it was exciting to think about that particular topic, and he couldn’t help but imagine the guy who was going to be his friend. Whoever it was, most likely was someone adept at using computers, since the main role of the copilot for him was to man the different defensive guns he had at his disposition remotely (Because of course he would be piloting).
The plane pony, nicknamed Bombardier, was a surprising marvel of engineering; he was probably one of the biggest, if not the biggest aircraft in this airbase. Built quite recently and being pretty much one of the newest aircrafts. As his name indicated he was a bomber pony, a big bomber pony that lacked tail but had vertical and horizontal stabilizers in a T arrangement. Even though he was a bomber, he was quite fast for one, quite maneuverable, and surprisingly durable despite his soft-looking coat (Which was not only soft-looking, but actually soft). All seemed to indicate that he was an effective aircraft
The fact he was so new in the base and pretty much in everywhere meant that there wasn’t many ponies fulfilling the requirements to be his co-pilot, so, after two months of training in remote gunnery for the dual 23mm guns, now there was someone capable of using them to a mild degree (The plane pony was supposed to train the co-pilot afterwards). And this was the day both ponies would actually know about eachother.
Funnily enough, all this thinking distracted him enough that when he stopped thinking about that, he already was on in front of the building. He looked expectantly at the officer, who signaled him to sit down. He did so and after a few moments a tiny blue pony with black mane appeared out of the door of the building, accompanied with a corporal. “There he is the plane pony my lieutenant” said the accompanying soldier
“Oh?” The lieutenant said, expressing his curiosity, then he looked upwards and saw the gigantic, sitting plane pony in front of him. “Hi! How are you? Are you my co-pilot?” The plane pony was the first one to make contact, waving a tank-sized hoof as a friendly salute.
“I think so… Are you ‘Bombardier’?” The lieutenant said, slightly confused, he wasn’t that acquainted to plane ponies and suffice to say he was surprised to have one in front of him, not to mention being the one he’ll work with. The plane pony made an eager and energetic nod, proceeding to stand up slowly as he looked at the micro pony
“Sir, I believe I should leave you two alone so you both can bond… or atleast, that’s what the commander told me.” The corporal interrupted, looking at both gigantic plone and tiny pony, he was going to offer himself to drive him towards the plane pony’s hangar, but the plane pony was quick to say “I can carry you to my hangar if you need to”. The lieutenant nodded at him and smiled, thanking the plane pony, and the corporal went back inside
“Okay then, jump on my hoof… if that’s okay with you” The plane pony said, and following that sentence a hoof swiftly moved right in front the micro, upturned. The lieutenant was a bit surprised; he turned to acknowledge the corporal that accompanied him and when he turned again towards the plane pony he already put him hoof in front of him, and he didn’t even notice it.
“Oh, thank you!” The micro said, smiling towards the plane pony in a caring way and starting to climb the hoof, managing to get past the wall before standing on the frog. The underhoof was surprisingly soft and fluffy, to the point he had a bit of difficulty standing on the cushy surface, so he decided to sit down. The plane pony smiled at the cooperation of the micro pony and let out a little giggle, starting to walk towards the grassy spot next to his hangar and at the same time saying “Don’t worry, it won’t take that much, we’ll just go to the grass right there, and what’s your name?”
“Target Down, nice to meet you! Er…” The tiny pony replied, how fitting for Equestrians to have a name casually related to their professions, the plane pony smiled, showing his little fangs, and replied “Bombardier, or atleast, that’s what they nickname me, and nice to meet you too”.
Soon, both plane pony and micro pony arrived to the grass field behind the hangar of the plone. It was a rather nice day outside, so the plane pony didn’t feel like ruining that by locking themselves in the hangar, there were some clouds in the sky, some plane ponies did various stunts, and there were also Pegasi flying around. Bombardier gently smiled towards his tiny companion, as he slowly brought his hoof closer to the ground, the pony took the hint and jumped out of the hoof into the grass. Meanwhile, the plane pony, being careful to not hurt the micro accidentally, lied down on the ground, looking at Target.
“So… bonding… how should we do that exactly?” The lieutenant asked, unsure of what he could actually do to form a friendship with the plane pony, the latter being equally perplexed of the request high command gave them, but for a more valid reason; “I… I don’t know… I never had a friend before… I’m pretty new” he said, a barely noticeable trace of sadness on his voice, but he seemed more confused overall than depressed.
“Well… I haven’t had many friends either…” The blue micro said, thinking about it. “Er… Friends hug, right? Should we do that?” He asked, his voice filled with uncertainty. The plane pony just shrugged, looking aside in lack of knowledge “I don’t know… only if you want to. I don’t know how this ‘friends’ thing goes…” he said, the comment coming out a bit sad for the micro, who felt bad for the gigantic friendless plone in front of him
“Well… I can be your friend” The tiny pony said, smiling towards the plane pony. Bombardier smiled widely, his expression being surprisingly filly-like “Oh, really? You would do that?” He asked in confirmation, to which Target nodded and smiled. “Of course, I mean, you’re quite cute and friendly, I would like to be your friend” he said truthfully
“Oh! That would be so nice” Bombardier noted idly, smiling at him “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” he said excitedly in fast succession, he moved his hoof to pick him up, but he stopped abruptly when his underhoof touched the pony, Target sinking on the soft fur, “Oh… should I… hug you now or… it is inappropriate? Sorry… I don’t know if it’s okay…” The plane pony said, his ears dropping lightly as he seemed genuinely confused if he should hug or not.
“Oh… Um… Er… Sure, go ahead” Target said, looking at the fluffy and soft underhoof behind him, he bluhed lightly at the physical expression of affection as the plane pony smiled and said “Okay then, I’ll hug you”, then he finihed picking him up on his hoof and brought him to his gigantic head, gently bringing him near his muzzle and nuzzling him, the tiny Target sinking in the hoof as he was pressed by the soft and fluffy muzzle and cheek of the plane pony.
Shortly after that little nuzzling the plane did, he picked him up like some kind of little toy, being surprisingly careful and gentle for his size, and he brought him closer to his chest, rubbing him a little against it as he asked “Is… this how a hug goes? I… don’t know how those are done…”. The lieutenant giggled, engulfed in the super soft fluff of the gigantic plane pony, and said “I… I think, atleast for giant ponies”.
“Yay! I did it right!” Bombardier said like a filly, smiling like if he did a great accomplishment, though it could be said he was technically a filly considering he was built recently, a big, extremely fluffy and soft bomber plane filly. Target giggled at the plane pony’s excitement as he pressed him softly against his chest, then he smiled. “I think we’ll be nice friends” he thought out loud, hearing how the plane pony softly purred while cuddling with him.

A little cutesy drawing I’ve done of a certain aircraft that I saw on a DS videogame, in that game they were the ultimate evil boss, and in this drawing they’re the ultimate cute plone. For that matter, he’s a male xP, but I decided to make him a bit ‘femboy’ just as silliness and cuteness.
In here, you can see the gigantic plane pony bomber cuddling with a little pony, I’m trying my best to draw smaller ponies, but in any case, here’s this really cute pic, he’s holding him like some kind of sentient and alive teddy bear.
I’m planning to draw more of this plane pony, but I’m slightly unsure what I can draw about him next (And college isn’t making it any easier for me to think about ideas, halp D:).
The things on the background are a M163 VADS and what seems to be a lazy attempt at a SA-2 telephone pole xD

safe2174895 artist:fliegerfausttop47119 oc947792 oc only688230 oc:bombardier4 earth pony446556 original species36510 plane pony1946 pony1603056 airfield57 airport181 black mane1160 blue coat1464 bomber101 cheek fluff9525 chest fluff65599 cloud43258 control15 cuddling10749 cute265835 cute little fangs3396 daaaaaaaaaaaw7015 description is relevant1196 duo170063 ear fluff50782 eyelashes26663 fangs40126 femboy13726 fluffy19584 giant pony5900 girly1931 grass15359 grass field1466 hangar98 hoof fluff3266 hug37610 leg fluff5121 m163 vads1 macro14984 macro/micro1465 male550939 micro11951 plane3905 radar46 sa-21 signature44069 simple background596634 smiling397643 snuggling7418 story included12821 traditional art143072


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