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explicit431797 artist:lime_mite13 artist:mite-lime158 artist:zonzok14 edit161163 rarity207256 oc874075 pony1390640 unicorn474344 ahegao30902 anatomically correct31411 animated115933 anus123837 blushing247747 both cutie marks12942 butt199875 canon x oc31830 commission102514 dragon dick1188 female1657823 gif43588 heart eyes24786 knot5893 looking at you229032 looking back77473 looking back at you24943 male481354 male pov8922 nudity468321 offscreen character46144 offscreen male2872 open mouth208462 penetration78129 penis194361 plot124341 ponut57448 pov17955 rearity6418 red dragon48 reverse cowgirl4890 sex154464 straight164567 tongue out134000 vagina53937 vaginal51014 vaginal secretions48329 vulva168067 wingding eyes32823


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@Background Pony #C8E2
You misunderstood. I paid for this edit as well. I was just explaining that there wasn’t anything shady going on. I was the one who should have brought up crediting the original artist when deciding to make the piece public. It was poor oversight on my part and I feel bad because the editer is getting grief they don’t deserve.
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Background Pony #C8E2
You don’t like the artwork edited without permission? You can also delete this artwork by reporting it to administrator.
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Background Pony #4A13
Deletion reason: Rule #0/6 - Next time please open a report instead of needlessly creating artificial and fake drama.
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