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safe1970843 artist:badumsquish2284 derpibooru exclusive34725 princess cadance36717 queen chrysalis39057 shining armor25870 alicorn274266 changeling58404 changeling queen21121 pony1322514 unicorn446025 canterlot wedding 10th anniversary392 a canterlot wedding3327 a better ending for chrysalis135 alternate ending612 alternate hairstyle33406 bigamy5 bisexual6231 blushing238505 bouquet1163 bouquet of flowers117 cheek rub42 chrysarmordance231 clothes558905 dress53694 female1602470 floral head wreath2651 flower32774 high res86644 holding hooves2076 lesbian108529 male459554 mare617902 marriage1579 nervous7247 nuzzling4574 polyamory7491 shining armor gets all the mares300 shipping229645 show accurate23286 smiling330966 stallion149984 straight159480 trio17445 wedding1699 wedding dress2295 wedding suit48 wedding veil498


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@Willight Robinbine
Nice! That’s more or less the idea I have going here is she realized at some point she could have everything she wanted without brainwashing or conquering, so she entered into a polyamorous relationship with Shining Armor since Cadance is into that thing :P
Willight Robinbine
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Onward to 420 comments!!!
Comment #73 for this image btw.
Also, I’m think of writing a story for this image. Basically after Shining and Cadence casting that love spell to defeat Chrysalis, but she’d survived and unconscious. The changelings seeing their queen like that, they surrendered to the ponies. And Shining even after been cleared of the brainwash from Chrysalis, he’d fell in love with her along with Cadence.
And then this image was taken after all 3 of them said yes to be married.
This story will be written on my MagicalPony2099 account on fimfiction.
Background Pony #ED5D
Depends on who the other parent of that particular child is. I imagine there’d be a mostly even split between changeponies with Shining’s traits and ones with Cadance’s.