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Thorax just loves fire! as seen in “triple threat” (probably a secret pyromaniac)
safe1970873 artist:sockiepuppetry207 rain shine555 thorax5073 changedling10426 changeling58404 kirin12509 nirik601 behaving like a moth62 blushing238510 bugs doing bug things114 chromatic aberration1804 comic123833 cute236077 excited3588 eyestrain warning524 female1602494 fire13824 grin52945 heart61103 heart eyes22687 king thorax3515 male459564 nervous7247 smiling330980 starry eyes4363 thorabetes350 wingding eyes30300


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I mean, there’s no reason you couldn’t throw yourself into a volcano, unless you simply don’t know where the nearest one is. There’re plenty of reasons why you shouldn’t, but no reason why you couldn’t.
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Thorax: wow rainshine! Your fire is even more impressive than Ember’s!
(Meanwhile in the dragonlands)
Ember:(clenches chest) for some reason I feel betrayed
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Him being a pyromaniac is a different concept. When “Triple Threat” came out, multiple people speculated that his being fascinated by the flame was a result of his insectile nature. How they are drawn to lights and such.