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local nomadic magician speaks
safe1946103 artist:cadillac-dynamite133 trixie73973 pony1295763 unicorn433834 blatant lies1513 brooch613 cape12631 clothes549616 female1579358 hat106378 jewelry88566 lidded eyes38100 mare603943 meme88399 memri tv25 open mouth193093 open smile14927 ponified45911 ponified meme1669 smiling323533 smug7622 solo1246039 subtitles1728 trixie's brooch259 trixie's cape4582 trixie's hat5464


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Regal Inkwell
Non-Fungible Trixie -
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

Literal Gay Lord
Probably more of a list of annoying crazy people, given that, again, she sucks at magic and just happens to know a few party tricks that might possibly impress a bored townie.
Random peasant goes to report her, and the Royal Guards are probably like “Yeah we heard of her. Just don’t give her any attention. It’s what she wants. Mare’s completely nuts.”

@Regal Inkwell
Though she might get put on a watch list for claiming to be the most powerful unicorn in season 1 back before they codified Alicorns and the royal sisters had “unicorn magic”. Though whether it’d be a sedition list or a town drunk list probably depends on how long they keep her on stage
Regal Inkwell
Non-Fungible Trixie -
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

Literal Gay Lord
@Background Pony #9B7E
Even if FiM were medieval, its culture would have grown and transformed differently due to like.
Magic being real.
“Witchcraft” would probably become a term for illegal magic practice. Whether it’s just weird magic peeps are prejudiced against or legitimately dangerous stuff.
And since Trixie like, canonically sucks at magic, she would be very low on the list of ponies to be called an illegal witch.
Background Pony #9B7E
Wouldn’t Trixie be burned alive in the public square for practicing witchcraft?
Oh, that’s something she could easily going through, I guess. Oh dear…
Background Pony #9B7E
this isn’t medieval europe lol
True! yet I can see some elements here and there that make me think about middleage so clearly (but I’m still pretty sure FiM is set somewhere in the American western, with a pinch of pop culture)