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Happened to everybody at some point..
safe1898231 artist:rexyseven186 oc797747 oc only590230 oc:rusty gears171 earth pony329870 pony1245835 annoyed6094 burger2171 cross-popping veins2071 fail1484 female1535399 food82399 hamburger689 heterochromia6952 hoof hold10070 licking23081 licking lips4871 mare577379 meat2238 ponies eating meat1107 solo1209720 tongue out121646


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Background Pony #EC2C
An acronym for remembering the lines on a bass staff (GBDFA) is “Good burgers don’t fall apart”. This pone has not chosen her borglar wisely.

China Brony
Ow! It was you! I followed you all the time, and now I realize
I didn’t expect to see your comments here! Your SFM model is great! I’ve always wanted to say this! I also like funny videos! Thank you for your creation!
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Actual Horse
It’s very expressive, you should definitely put it out there. I’m always on the prowl for pony reactions.
Also you are wrong, lets compare a burger with a fork and knife versus eating with one’s hoofs.
Greasy hoofs: Hoofs 0 Fork & Knife 1
Spilling the fillings all over when you bite: Hoofs 0 Fork & Knife 2
Looking polite and quaint: Hoofs 0 Fork & Knife 3
Ease to apply toppings: Hoofs 0 Fork & Knife 4
Impressing mares and stallions alike: Hoofs 0 Fork & Knife 5
The non existing mess on the table after eating: Hoofs 0 Fork & Knife 6
And to be fair
Being able to eat on the go: Hoofs 1 Fork & Knife 6
Non-Fungible Trixie -

Horses and equines in general are perfectly capable of digesting small amounts of meat. Especially processed meat like a burger since it’s easier to chew than a steak.
Not for sweet summer-children:
Google “horse eats chicken” if you want video evidence.

Your pony can eat meat!?
Horses can, and sometimes do, eat meat. Horses have been seen eating carrion or human food trash containing meat. It’s strange but true. It’s not good for their health, but that’s never stopped anyone from eating something bad for them. <looking at mostly-empty bottle of whiskey>
However, meat substitutes are getting better. The “Impossible Burger”, which is based upon soy, is quite good. Burger King offers their hamburgers either as beef or with the “Impossible Burger” meat substitute and to be honest, its very close in flavor and texture. When I go to Burger King, that is what I will order. I am not a vegetarian, but I know the environmental impact of beef is extremely high when compared to the same amount of other meats or plants, so this is a way for me to do a very small bit to help out.
And it tastes good!